I am a certified personal trainer and I love my job!

My desire is to get the most out of my clients through motivation, encouragement, and meal planning advice. I strive to remain current on physical fitness information which allows me to provide my clients with the most up-to-date training options available.

When a potential client contacts me, there is potential for there to be a long-lasting relationship that can only be broken by the client because I make myself available to them. Throughout the training, there is open communication - even on non-training days - to assist the client with whatever they need. When the client has reached their goal and is ready to be on their own, I am still available for consultation and questions after the termination of the training program.

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My Vision

I envision making the client feel comfortable with my ability to meet their needs. I work to get them to trust my ability to change their perspective about exercise, eating healthier and living a better lifestyle. Many of my clients are those who haven't been successful exercising on their own and need accountability in effectively making lifestyle changes. Other clients I serve are those who are looking to lose weight, become stronger or overall develop a healthy lifestyle. I align my expertise to what my clients need by getting to know them, what's important to them, their likes and dislikes and use this information to design a program specifically for them.

In my evaluation of each new client, I complete a total body fitness assessment to include body fat percentage, BMI, cardiovascular endurance, upper and lower body strength and core strength. It is from this assessment that a training program is created individually for each client.

So when you're ready to start a new chapter in your life and make some lifestyle changes that will make you stronger and healthier, contact me. We can make it happen together!

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I was skeptical about hiring a personal trainer, but I feel one of the best decisions I've ever made was to pick up the phone and call Peggy for a consultation. Immediately, I knew she would be perfect to help me on my "health" journey.

Adriann Stone

Peggy pushed me to limits I didn't believe were attainable. The workouts were challenging and seemingly ruthless at times, but never without positivity, compassion, encouragement and a smile.

Henrietta Turner

Peggy Keebler is concerned with my health and well being. Since training with Peggy Keebler, I am more conscious of the decisions I make when it comes to eating, dieting, and working out.

Jasmine Turner

Ms. Peggy is my favorite trainer by far. While other trainers were very timid and not motivationally compatible with my standards of rehabilitating, Ms. Peggy was both motivating and confident which helped me to be more confident with my recovery.

Raina Johnson