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About Me

Athleticism has been a part of my life since junior high school when I began my basketball career. As I developed as a basketball athlete, I realized the importance of training to make me stronger, fit and more proficient at my craft. I became all those things as an athlete because I put in the time training and working on different areas to improve. As a basketball coach, I trained many college students not just on how to play basketball, but I also challenged them on life lessons and the effects their actions would have on their bodies, their athletic career, their performance on the court as well as their performance in life. We discussed the effects of making good food choices and the difference between weight gain or weight loss. We discussed perseverance in the face of difficult situations, the difference being staying with it or quitting. We discussed the results of working hard, or putting in the effort to achieve the goal with the difference being "leaving it all on the court" or leaving before reaching your goal.

All of the above has brought me to where I am today. My experiences have prepared me for what I am doing right now, personal training. I have already lived and taught training to the peak of one's ability. I have already experienced and coached others through weight loss and increased strength. I have assisted people who have led sedentary lifestyles and turned them around. Now, I stand ready to assist you with any goal you choose. My goal is to help individuals reach their goals of living healthier lifestyles, while teaching them to condition their minds for great workouts and different techniques of weight training and cardiovascular conditioning. Through this, I also teach them how to become a hard worker and to become physically fit for life. In the end, each client stands the chance of developing power and perseverance as they make progress towards their goal.

Join me! Let's get it!