Fitness Training

All programs consist of monthly measurements and assesments at the beginning and end of each month of the program to chart individual's progress.

1-On-1 Personal Training

This particular training is focused on individuals who need more supervised instruction and require attention to detail. This option is ideal for those who:
• Struggle with weight issues
• Have a referral from their doctor
• Have very little experience with using exercise equipment
• Interested in developing a healthy, active lifestyle

Group Training

For those individuals who enjoy the motivation they receive from training in a group setting as well as having the accountability from the group. This option is great for several groups:
• Best friends
• Mother/daughter
• Co-workers
• Couples

Online Personal Training & Nutrition Program

This program is designed for the individual who wants to combine proper nutrition and exercise to get the best results. You will get a workout program and nutrition plan built around your specific needs. We will make regular adjustments to your workout and nutritional plans to make sure you get consistent results.

Semi-Private Training

This type of training is confined to a smaller number of clients, usually 2-3 in one setting. This is a great way of getting in shape with a smaller group of people because of the accountability and motivation from your partner. Not only are you training with 1 or 2 people, it is cost effective to everyone in the group due to a shared price.


This is a form of group training for those who want a more rigorous combination of exercises that consist of body weight training, interval training, and strength training. This type of workout is designed to push the individual harder than they would push themselves. This is a low cost, efficient and challenging workout.