Adriann Stone

My name is Adriann Stone and I've been training with Peggy Keebler for almost 3 years. In my teens and twenties, I had a super high metabolism, worked out extensively, and always had a petite frame. Add time, two pregnancies, foods high in fat and salt, and a lack of exercise and what eventually developed was an unfit, overweight, shell of my former self.

After surviving a troubled pregnancy and being diagnosed with high blood pressure, I decided to take back my health. This was a difficult decision because it meant decreasing my fat and salt intake while increasing my physical activity. For a girl raised in the south on salt and grease this did not sit well with my taste buds. Also, what about the time factor? When would I find the time to train? However, I reasoned that where there's a will there's a way, and I wanted to live, not just for myself, but for my family.

I was skeptical about hiring a personal trainer, but I feel one of the best decisions I've ever made was to pick up the phone and call Peggy for a consultation. Immediately, I knew she would be perfect to help me on my "health" journey.

At first, it was difficult convincing myself I could do it and some days I wanted to complain or just give up, but Peggy was patient with me. She understood that my bitterness was just part of my psyche trying to rebel against the change in my eating habits and routine. She also believed I could do it. "Push through" became our mantra.

I've always loved to run and lift weights so it was natural for my body to get back on a routine and Peggy found great ways to mix up my workouts in order to confuse my muscles and keep me from plateauing. Each session was a new day and a new opportunity to push my body toward its maximum potential.

Soon I felt better, stronger, and was more energized. I had more stamina and I could see the inches melting away. More exciting than the thrill of being able to lift heavier weights, run longer distances, or complete more repetitions of my favorite exercises was the high I got from watching my "jiggly parts" turn into lean muscle.

Training with Peggy has changed my life for the better and I love this new healthier me! She's not just my personal trainer, but a friend. I know with her continued guidance and support my health journey with continue to be a positive experience with nothing but wonderful results! My advice to anyone who's interested in making a life change for a healthier lifestyle is "You can do it, just always remember to 'Push through'!"