Henrietta Turner

I remember thinking "I have to turn this thing around." After having surgery, the doctor told me that one of the ways I could reduce my risk of breast cancer was to lose weight. But where would I start at my age I thought to myself.

A few weeks later my daughter had an awakening and decided that we were going to do better with eating and get fit. She immediately started to research for a fitness trainer and was drawn to Peggy Keebler. My daughter arranged for us to have a session with Peggy and the journey began. Peggy pushed me to limits I didn't believe were attainable. The workouts were challenging and seemingly ruthless at times, but never without positivity, compassion, encouragement and a smile. Peggy often asked and discussed our diet plan with us, offering better options and/or substitutes.

The increased energy from staying physically fit is awesome. I've even challenged myself to do things I didn't think were possible before. Since starting to train with Peggy I have done river rafting, 5K charity runs, and many other adventurous activities.

I'm down 30 pounds since my doctor's visit after my surgery and I still have about 35 more to lose. I don't worry so much about the pounds now, but I try to stay focused and fit. The physical training, my nutrition, and overall lifestyles have been one of the best changes I have ever made. It's just a way of life now. Thanks Ms. Peggy.