Jasmine Turner

I am in a better place. That's how I feel since starting with Peggy Keebler at PK Fitness. I've lost 25 and I'm not done, I have 60 more pounds to go. I am a 25 year old energetic, outgoing and adventurous young woman.

In the past I've played sports, danced and was very outgoing. During the last few years of college that all changed with the stressors of trying to finish college. Exercising decreased and stress eating increased. I would tell myself to go walk, cut back on my eating or go to the weight room, it just never happened.

I was on a trip to Florida with my friends, not being able to do or wear things like my friends; I then realized how uncomfortable and embarrassed I was of my weight at my age. I knew after that trip that something had to change. I needed the opinion and motivation of someone on the outside looking in, that's when I found Peggy.

Peggy Keebler is a great personal trainer; she is also a great friend. She is tough, but it's all good and it's well worth it. Peggy Keebler is concerned with my health and well being. Since training with Peggy Keebler, I am more conscious of the decisions I make when it comes to eating, dieting, and working out. I try to work out 6 days a week, twice with Peggy and the rest on my own. I must say staying focused when not with Peggy is hard, but she is the type of trainer that will call and check in with you. She will either send a friendly text or email to remind you and give you a workout plan when you're not with her. Before I started with Peggy, running was a challenge for me; I have now been able to jog 3-5k walk/runs and 2 hiking trails. I feel more comfortable jogging now, it's not so hard to accomplish now. I feel that Peggy has contributed to helping me change my life, I feel so much better. Being healthy and losing weight is a life change. I am grateful to have her as my personal trainer.