Raina Johnson

My name is Raina, and I was involved in a car accident at the beginning of April 2013. I broke both of my femur bones, fractured my pelvis, was in a coma for 3 weeks and had severe brain injury to the right side of my brain. Upon awakening from the coma I attended therapy. Once I was released from the hospital and finished therapy, I went to see a few physical trainers. Ms. Peggy is my favorite by far. While other trainers were very timid and not motivationally compatible with my standards of rehabilitating, Ms. Peggy was both motivating and confident which helped me to be more confident with my recovery.

When I first started seeing her I was occasionally using a cane or crutches to move around. I had no balance and trouble maneuvering my left side of my body. Now, I am stable and able to fully balance myself. I am more aware of my left side of my body and can more easily command it. I'm starting to jump rope and run! I would like to thank my trainer for helping me see these wonderful results that I was skeptical in the beginning about.